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I am sorry for posting in English, but unfortunately I am not fluent in Finnish. I also understand that there are separate sub-forums for companies in here, but I failed to understand how they work exactly. So I apologise in advance if I am infringing on any of the rules in this forum and this post should be somewhere else.

I am a co-founder of an Estonian company producing ultrasonic record cleaning machines called Degritter. By now we have spent more than 2 years researching, developing and testing our product and we are finally ready to ship out the first products.

In order to ensure the best quality and the undivided attention of our customer support, we decided to start by launching a limited (10 machine) beta testing program. These ten special customers will get the first products and ultimately have a say in the overall final look and feel of the device.

As we already have a few beta testers from Finland, we thought some of the readers in here might also be interested.

In short the Degritter beta testing program offers:
- one fully functional Degritter machine;
- 2 years of warranty;
- personal support;
- and we will replace the beta testing machine with a retail version of Degritter for free at the end of the program.
Participation costs 1200€ and for this you will get the beta version of Degritter and later the retail version. The final retail price is expected to be around 2000€.

If you are interested, take a look at the demo video here http://degritter.com/beta-testing-program/ and contact us at info@degritter.com
We can set up Skype call with a demo of the machine and answer all your questions (it will not oblige you to anything :)) or feel free to visit us in Tartu, Estonia.

Best Regards,
Taniel Põld



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