Ocellia - Calliope Signature versiot julkistettu.

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Ocellia on huipulla !

Ocellia on kehittänyt tuotteitaan koko ajan vuodesta 1998.
Tuleen ei jäädä makaamaan varmaan vieläkään, mutta aika finalessa Ranskan poinaat nyt ovat:

"10th Anniversary Signature...
Enter the new Grandis Calliope.30 Signature, the culmination of everything we have learned about loudspeakers technology since we made our first loudspeaker in 1998.
To compare the Signature speakers to all other speakers design, like electrostatic, electrodynamic open baffle or bass reflex,
they are the first speakers to get everything perfectly right. It's a two way speaker design with a 12" coaxial driver.
It features alnico magnet, a very ligth paper cone, anti-MDI voice coil and wire, 98db efficient and 16 ohms impedance.
Coaxial driver design always integrate in a way a multi-way speakers design can't.
The cabinet, result of 10 years of research & development into side panel vibration,
is made with our proprietary rigid & light panels design .
The calculation of a new acoustic load, the best compromise between open baffle and bass reflex,
is tuned by ear, like a musical intrument.
It's made with real wood and a leather finish front panel.
It features two adjustables ports, at the back and on the side, to optimize room placement and electronics matching.
Finally, the bi-wire Signature speaker cables and ground connectors are included and connected directly from the drivers to the amplifier. Like all the Calliope, the Signature are handmade, only made to order and meticulously constructed in our workshop.
The Ocellia Grandis Calliope.30 Signature statement speaker,
is also available in a smaller size named Calliope.30 Signature and other versions featuring 8" full range driver."